The Interestings than read A Little Life

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Meg Wolitzer’s book The Interestings came out a couple of years ago (and is not available in paperback, which I love. My entire bookcase is paperbacks.) You’ve probably seen the cover. It’s the story of six teenagers (which is really just the story of the main character, Jules) that chronicles their lives from the age of 15, when they meet at a camp for gifted children, to their adulthood. It’s about their loves and losses, their marriages and kids, their relationships.The Interestings

I read The Interestings two summers ago, blowing threw it during all-night babysitting gigs. I remember sitting on the couch, two kids asleep in the bedroom, and five hours later the parents came home. I hadn’t moved. The kids hadn’t moved. The story literally had be riveted in one spot.

This is one of those books that unspools better than the best real-life drama television shows. Nothing on screen…

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Sexual Discrimination in the Clothing Industry

On a day that will go down in history as the day that the Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality would be the rule of the land (as one of my friends put it: who doesn't love more choices?) I need to get up on my soapbox to talk about the real issue. Pants. Specifically, … Continue reading Sexual Discrimination in the Clothing Industry