Katie Avagliano is a writer, theater enthusiast, a long time student, and lover of all things that look like or could be books. She has been lucky enough to travel the world for the pleasure of seeing new things, going everywhere from Poland and Vienna to Japan and Paris, in addition to living for a year in London and Florence. She has Bachelor of Arts in English and History from Florida State University.

Pursuing her dream be a dream and maybe even publish a book, Katie is enrolled in American University, hoping to achieve an MFA in creative writing. While there, she will write a thesis while earning her scholarship through tutoring in the writing center on campus.

Katie is a Pices and enjoys peanut butter, golden retrievers, the NY Giants, and talking on the phone while walking to class . Her blog details her personal life and lovely adventures in addition to anything else she chooses to write about.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Kate, Something is off here. I can register for the comments RSS feed but not to the blog feed. You can probably add it on the backend, so I’ll never miss a post!
    Love ya! Aunt Jen

  2. Hey Katie! I’m at school and we were researching colleges and Jobs and what not and this popped up! I hope your doing well and having fun! Love ya!

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